Specialist Herbal Education for Children

JHC has been designed to engage and educate children through play to learn about the healing and medicinal plants all around them in a safe and supervised environment, whilst covertly incorporating core subjects including English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Botany, Latin and Cookery, as well as helping children to gain in confidence, improve fine motor control and develop a new skill set. Each month the children learn about the medicinal uses of plants and make something to take home (lavender bags, lip balms, bath bombs and much more!!) JHC has been planned so that each month the children build on their knowledge and skills. In the second year, the tasks become more complex, building on the skill set developed in the first year. At the end of each session the children are given a worksheet to complete so they can develop a portfolio of learning. All sessions are run by a qualified Medical Herbalist who has undergone the specific training in order to be able to deliver this course. All Registered JHC Leaders can be found here and also at: https://nimh.org.uk/jhc-course-leaders/